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Lucy at Home

This month’s Yorkshire Blogger is the lovely Lucy of Lucy at Home.  Her blog is both a very positive and honest space, not an easy balance to strike.  It’s full of family fun and the very relatable joys and struggles of motherhood.

1. How long have you lived in Yorkshire?

I am a Yorkshire lass, born and bred!

2. What are your top 3 places in Yorkshire to visit with your family?

Oh it’s so hard to choose! But I think I’d go for:

  • Cannon Hall Farm – farm animals, soft play, outdoor playgrounds, farm shop, beautiful grounds
  • Eurkea! – a museum specifically aimed at kids, indoor area to eat your picnic, educational but still super fun, indoor and outdoor areas
  • Scarborough – fish and chips on the beach!

Lucy at Home puddles

3. What do you like to do with your family on a rainy day?

Come rain or shine, you will probably find us outside! We bought the girls a pair of ski trousers each (in the sale, obvs, being from Yorkshire!) so that, whatever the weather, we can get some fresh air.

Water on the swings? Get your ski trousers.

Blowing a gale? Get your ski trousers.

Snow on the ground? Get your ski trousers.

4. What makes Yorkshire a great place to live?

I know I’m biased but I think we’re so lucky to live in Yorkshire! There are bustling cities like Leeds and Sheffield. There’s the untamed beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. We have a stunning bit of coastline including places like Whitby and Scarborough, and places rich with history like York and Harrogate.

It’s got everything!

I love that I can be in the middle of Leeds and 15 minutes later, I can be in the middle of the lush, green countryside.

5. What three words would you use to describe your blog?

Sincere, honest, positive

Lucy at Home playground

6. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I was tired!

My baby was a good sleeper so I felt guilty for feeling so tired all the time. But after one particularly exhausting day, I typed into google “why am I so tired new mum”.

Instantly, a whole raft of posts appeared – stories from other mums who had been in my position. Suddenly I didn’t feel so alone – there were people out there who knew what I was going through and they had come out the other side.

That gave me hope.

And one day I had the thought, “I could do that!” I wanted to share my ups and downs for all the other overwhelmed, worried, tired mums out there who needed to hear that they were not alone. Every time I write, I picture myself hunched over my laptop that first night, tentatively reaching out for reassurance.

7. Do you have a favourite blog post or a popular blog post you can share?

One of my most popular posts in recent weeks is this one – A Letter To My Average Child Who Seems Invisible.

I think it gives a good taste of the style of my blog – sharing a problem and talking openly about it, as well as looking for solutions.

 8. What do you enjoy about blogging?

I love the messages from people who say that one of my posts has helped them or comforted them. That makes the long hours worthwhile.

I also love that I’ve learnt so much about other people too – blogs give a real insight into other people’s lives and the choices they make. I have a number of close blogging buddies who have disabilities, and I have some who parent children on the autistic spectrum – reading their words opens the lid on what life is like outside of my own family.

It has made me a much more understanding person.

Lucy at Home York

9. What is your favourite place to take a family holiday in Yorkshire?

York has a special place in my heart because it’s where hubby and I met as students. It’s such a beautiful city and so rich with history.

These are a few of our favourite family-friendly things to do in York:

  • Walk on the walls (especially in March when all the daffodils are out)
  • Go on the river cruise or hire a small boat
  • Wander around York Minster (they have free explorer kits for kids with a magnifying glass, binoculars, treasure map, pens, and loads more)
  • Have a picnic in museum gardens (delicious ice creams and you can climb on the abbey ruins)
  • Visit the Disney store!
  • Sit by the river at night and watch the lights on the water
  • Visit the National Railway Museum (LOADS of real trains to wander around and it’s all free!)

10. Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

We are a family of 4 – hubby and I, and our two girls. Jenny is 7 and Charis is 3.

The girls are madly into My Little Pony, Miraculous, and all-things-Disney! As a family, we love walking, swimming, baking, and making up silly dance moves!

You can find more of Lucy’s writing at Lucy at Home or:

TWITTER: @lucy_at_home https://twitter.com/lucy_at_home

INSTAGRAM: @lucyathomeblog https://www.instagram.com/lucyathomeblog/

FACEBOOK: @lucyathomeblog https://www.facebook.com/lucyathomeblog/

PINTEREST: @lucyathomeblog https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lucyathomeblog/

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring me and my little Yorkshire family on here 🙂

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