Yorkshire Blogger Profile – Hannah from Make Do & Push!

This moth’s Yorkshire blogger feature is Hannah from Make Do & Push!  Hannah’s gorgeous photography, natural style and love of outdoor family fun make her blog a fantastic read!

1.  How long have you lived in Yorkshire

We’ve lived up here for 3 years this coming November.

2.  What are your top 3 places in Yorkshire to visit with your family? 

  1. I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park for a day out – it has everything you need, plus the coffee is ace!
  2. The beaches in East/North Yorkshire are AMAZING! Filey is a favourite of ours, as is Whitby.
  3. The North Yorkshire Moors Railway is a new find for us, but it’s a fantastic day out – with lots of lovely walks around the stations to do while you wait.

3.  What do you like to do with your family on a rainy day? 

I love the Hepworth Gallery for a rainy day adventure. Also the Streetlife Museum and the Deep in Hull are great for rainy days.

4.  Where do you like to go for a grown up night out? 

1884 in Hull is a wonderful restaurant, with amazing food and a huge selection of cheese! Followed by a visit to the Gin Distillery on Humber Street.

5.  What do you find the most difficult about days out with children?

When tiredness creeps in. Also, short attention spans – both of my children love to be doing everything all at once, so trying not to rush through experiences is always a task.

6.  Do you have any money saving tips for days out?

Look for vouchers online before you go – lots of places often have special offers on.

7.  What makes Yorkshire a great place to live?

The pace of life! We relocated from Sussex in the South East, and it’s so much more chilled out up here! It took some serious adjusting, but I love it now. It’s not as busy, there’s lots more countryside and the beaches are divine.

8.  What three words would you use to describe your blog?

Honest. And – Visually appealing (I hope!).

9.  Why did you stat blogging?

I studied English and Drama at university, but when I graduated the recession hit and I had no choice but to get any job going. I worked in offices and hospitals in admin rolls, but I always felt creatively stifled. However, then I fell pregnant with my daughter and found something I wanted to write about and the rest is history! (Or rather, the rest is Make, Do & Push!)

10.  Do you have a favourite blog post or a popular blog post you can share?

I love writing my poems. Also this posthas just made it onto the Mumsnet front page and was very well received.

11.  What do you enjoy about blogging?

The creative outlet. Also, how many doors it’s opened for me. Thanks to blogging, I’ve launched my own photography business, and we’ve had so many opportunities that would never have been available to us before.

12.  Is there any place in Yorkshire you’d like to visit but haven’t been yet?

Not that I can think of off the top of my head – although I’d like to go back to Bolton Abbey with the children. My husband and I visited on our babymoon a couple of years ago, but it would be perfect for the children.

13.  Where is your favourite place to take a family holiday in Yorkshire?

Whitby! We had a weekend up there last year and loved it! We’re hoping to go back in September.

14.  Have you had any disasters on a day out?

*touches wood* Not yet!

15.  Describe your perfect day out.

My family, my camera, a good picnic, sunshine and everyone in a good mood! It does happen occasionally!

16.  Can you tell us a little bit about your family?

I’m Hannah, and I’m from Sussex originally. We relocated up to Yorkshire in 2014 because house prices in the South East are ridiculous, and we thought it would be an adventure! I’m married to Nick, who works in Radiotherapy for the NHS. We have two children – “Busby” and “H-Bear” who are both under 5 and love an adventure too!

17.  Are there any family friendly cafes or restaurants that you can recommend for young children?

The staff in Thieving Harry’s, Hull are fantastic with children, and the food and coffee are just wonderful.

18.  What do you look for in a family friendly hotel?

Space! And a good breakfast that caters for allergies, as my son suffers from a cow’s milk protein and soya allergy.

Thank you Hannah for being this month’s Yorkshire Family Blogger feature!  Visit Make Do & Push for more of Hannah’s photography & writing!



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