Watch out! Child safety in the home

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As mums and dads, there’s nothing that scares us more than the idea of our little ones getting hurt. Sometimes, all it takes is just to be looking the other way for a matter of seconds and something unexpected can happen.

But we’re only human – and it’s not healthy to be watching our children’s every move or wrapping them up in cotton wool in case they get hurt. Children are naturally curious and we all know that they’re going to get into all kinds of trouble before they’re fully grown!

However, there are a few ways we can make their home environment a little safer for them…and give ourselves a little peace of mind at the same time! Here you’ll find a few handy tips and tricks for child proofing your home – you may have heard of some – others may be eye opening!

The bathroom

We all know that children can drown in just a few inches of water. So, while we make sure that the toilet seat is always closed, there is no water left in the tub when bath time is over and the children are always supervised when they’re in the bath – have you ever considered the dangers that hot water poses?

Thousands of children are admitted to hospital each year for scalds and burns. By investing in something as simple as a thermostatic control or valve for your bath/shower – you can massively reduce the risk of hot water becoming a danger. Take a look here. If you have elderly relatives at home, or living independently – this may be something that they may find useful in their home too!

The kitchen

The kitchen. Where to begin? The kitchen can seem like a very dangerous place for a little one – what with knifes, sharp objects, heavy plates and crockery not to mention the oven and hob! It can be a little overwhelming.

So, lets start with the obvious. Invest in a hob cover, and covers for the buttons and switches on the front. If you’re cooking – always ensure pan handles aren’t hanging over the edge of the cooker and can’t be grabbed on pulled on.

Make sure you always keep the dishwasher shut if you’re not emptying or stacking it – as sharp objects are suddenly very accessible for curious kids.

Invest in child locks on your cupboards; make sure they can’t get to the washing powder or conditioner, bleach or any other cleaning products. Using gel capsules? Or dishwasher tablets? These often look good enough to eat! So make sure they’re totally out of reach.

The living room

If you have a rug in your living room, make sure it’s secure and no one can trip over the edge. Things like sockets should be shielded with the latest baby proof covers. And make sure your TV isn’t likely to come cascading down should a little one manage to give it a good shove.

Like a cup of tea when you’re watching the soaps? Make sure it’s out of reach!

If you have any tips for keeping your little ones safe at home, let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Excellent advice right here, I remember my sister spending hour after hour baby-proofing the house as best she could before her little’un was born! Ensuring that pan handles don’t handle over the edge of the hob was impressed on me so much that I still have the habit of checking them today, even though we live in a baby free zone haha! Thanks for sharing all of your tips!

    Abbey x
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