Trolls Poppy Style Station review

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Lily has never been one to play with dolls.  She’s got two giant boxes full of stuffed toys but most dolls just don’t keep her attention.  She was excited however, by the arrival of the Trolls Poppy Style Station.  A big fan of the Trolls film, she loved the idea of playing with Poppy’s rainbow coloured hair.

Poppy comes in a bright, cheerful box and is very easy to take out of her package.  Poppy is secured to her box with a twisty rope so there was no cutting through thick plastic to break her free.  It was a just a matter of untwist and play!

Poppy comes with 11 different styling piece: one hair brush, one headband, three hair clips and three small bands. While the headband and clips were both worn by Lily, the hair ties could only be used at the end of a braid as they aren’t big enough for a ponytail.

Part of Poppy’s base include storage for her accessories.  In our house any kind of toy storage is a big plus!

 Poppy’s hair is colourful and fun to comb, but in the middle of her head is a large clump of hair.  This makes it easy to create a pony tail that sticks straight up, but it does make it impossible to braid as you can’t split the hair into parts.  Lily was a bit disappointed by this as she was looking forward to learning how to braid hair, but I have offered my own hair up for practice instead.

Lily and Leo worked together to add the clips to Poppy’s hair and try some different looks. In terms of styling there isn’t much variety you can do aside from a pony tail, but you can add clips and tie the hair in different ways.

Lily loved the fact that she was able to wear Poppy’s hair band herself, and I have to say, it is quite cute!

The Dreamworks Trolls Poppy Style Station  is priced at £24.99.

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