This Green Moon 24 Carrot Forest Adventure

We were provided tickets for the purpose of this review.

We had an afternoon of intrigue, music, marshmallows and plenty of fun at the This Green Moon 24 Carrot Forest Easter Adventure at Swillington Farm in Leeds over the Easter Holidays.  When we booked our tickets we weren’t entirely sure what we were in for, but after reading hip2trek’s review of 24 Carrot Forest Easter I knew it would be a good time!

Our first stop on arrival was a tent at the entrance to the forest where we picked up our adventure booklets, magnifying glasses and moustaches!

The book was very well put together with places for the kids to draw, read, and write down number that were hidden as clues.

As cute a Leo looked in his moustache I have to admit it he didn’t keep it on for long!

The trail was very, very muddy so I wouldn’t recommend wearing your best wellies (or jackets either for that matter!)

The clues and little bits along the trail were very creative. Lily got really into the story and mystery that they were solving.  Younger kids wouldn’t follow all of the booklet, but even tiny tots could spot the carrots hanging from the trees.

After 15 minutes of clue hunting we arrived at a brightly decorated camp complete with a fire pit, story telling area, wood fired pizza and a bar.

We hadn’t yet finished our adventure though so we continued through the woods to pick up more clues.

Once we finished the trail the kids had a complementary hot chocolate (it came with the ticket) and Bill and I treated ourselves to coffee.  As you can see, there was quite a selection to be had if we were feeling more adventurous.

Then it was marshmallow time!  The kids always love a good marshmallow roasting and with their ticket they were given a marshmallow each.

Although the event was sold out, there was plenty of space for everyone.

There was a song and story telling event happening as well but my two preferred to listen from a distance.

The fun wasn’t over yet, as we also had a meeting with The Mad March Hare for the finale. She had a chat with them and then kids were given a special secret gift (I’m not telling what!).

In all I was impressed with the organisation, thought, creativity and lovely people at the event.  We will definitely be keeping an eye out for the next family friendly event that This Green Moon puts on!

A family ticket for The 24 Carrot Adventure cost £25.

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