5 steps to make planning an adult birthday party a breeze

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The beauty of kids’ parties is that as long as there is cake and party bags, everyone is happy!  In contrast, planning an adult birthday party can feel like a lot of pressure, especially when you’re planning a milestone birthday.  After planning my husbands big birthday recently, here are my top tips that make planning an adult birthday party painless (and fun!).

1. Party style

Just like when buying a gift, it’s important to consider your birthday man or woman when planning a birthday party.  The party should really celebrate them, not just focus entirely on their age.  If they’re very social and spontaneous, a big surprise party with lots of guest might be just the ticket.  However, the same type of party might be a nightmare for someone who likes a quieter setting and isn’t keen on surprises.  Matching the party size and style with your guest of honor is the first place to start when planning a party.

Luckily you can turn to the internet for load of inspiration.  Weather  you want stylish and sophisticated party ideas, a beer themed party, or something more unique like a circus themed party, someone somewhere has done it, photographed it, and uploaded it to the internet.  Just Google ‘X birthday party ideas’ to get started.

2. Guest list

Once you know what kind of size and feel you’re going for, it’s time to tackle the guest list.  If you’re planning the party for a friend, this might be time to enlist the help of their family or colleagues for suggestions if you want to be sure everyone who is important to them is included.

3.  Party Venue

Now that you have the first two steps out of the way, choosing a venue is easy!  You can use venue finder to find a party venue that matches you.  The drop down menu lets you choose location, venue style, capacity and catering options – giving you plenty of choice for any type of party you’re throwing.

4.  Food & drink

If your venue isn’t catering your party, it’s time to hit Pinterest!  I love this Hot + Savory party food board or this Cold + Savory party board.  Remember though, it’s better to do a few things well than to try to do every thing!  Pick a handful of things that you think will really work (and work well together) and do a great job with those.

5. Invitations

There are plenty of places to get invitations printed, but you can easily make your own using Canva. You can choose from loads of pre-formatted templates or make your own for free and print them at home.  You could also consider using an online e-vite to save time and hassle.

Now that you have all the basics covered, it’s time to hit Pinterest again for the fun extras.  I had so much fun making a number photo collage like this one and getting notes from friends who couldn’t make it to the party to add to the display.  If you have your theme, guest list and venue sorted, the rest should be good fun!


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3 Responses to 5 steps to make planning an adult birthday party a breeze

  1. My husband celebrates a significant birthday in February. He’s said he doesn’t want a party but I’m not convinced! Great idea to save cash by printing your own invitations.

  2. MissPond says:

    Great tips! It’s my 30th next year and you’ve got me thinking I should plan something…
    MissPond recently posted…Let’s Get Festive Rocky Road | RecipeMy Profile

  3. My sister has been wanting to throw a large celebration for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. They have a lot of friends and family that would want to come. I like your point about coming up with the guest list first to determine the size and feel you’re going for. Once that’s completed, finding a venue will be a little easier.

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