Kindness Rocks Yorkshire – Find your local group!

What you need to know to start hiding & finding Kindness Rocks in Yorkshire

Kindness Rocks Yorkshire star rock

What is a kindness rock?  Quite simply, it’s a rock that is painted and left out for someone else to find, thus spreading a bit of kindness.

After putting kindness rocks on our Spring Bucket List, we’ve really enjoyed painting, hiding and finding our own Kindness Rocks over the Easter holidays.

The Kindness Rocks Movement started in the US with writing inspirational phrases on rocks and has quickly spread all over the world with the help of Facebook.  There are local groups dedicated to rocks where people add their finds and hints about their hiding places.  You can read all about Kindness Rocks Beverly or Kindness Rocks Knaresborough for inspiration to get started!

It’s easy to see why Kindess Rocks have caught on.  They’re simple to do, fun to hide, get kids outdoors and give people a nice connection to people in their community.

I asked Francesca Hughes, founder of  the Yorkshire Rocks Facebook Group, to give us some tips on making and hiding Kindness Rocks.

She said, “Join a group so that you can see where people are hiding them. I ask that people post a picture of their rock with a clue.  This could be just name of the place, like Temple Newsam, or the name of the park etc.”

Francesca recommends using paint and sharpies to decorate the rocks and to seal them afterwards with a clear lacquer. We bought some spray on Amazon that did the trick.  I know many people including Francesca have found lacquer in Wilco.

You can pick up rocks from your own garden, buy them at Garden Centres, or even order rocks on Amazon,.  Just please don’t take them from the seaside as it just makes the erosion problem worse!

I have stated a Kindness Rock Pinterest board where there are loads of ideas for inspiration for rock painting.  I have to admit, our rocks aren’t going to win any Pinterest prizes. That’s the beauty of Kindness Rocks though, you can make them however you like.  (Side note, we didn’t actually hide the poo rock!)  Some of the rocks I’ve seen posted in the Yorkshire Rocks Facebook group are works of art!

In order to link up to a local Facebook group, you can add the group’s details to the bottom of your rocks.

Bingley Rocks

We did our first bit of Kindness Rock hiding at one of our favourite outdoor spots, Oakwell Hall.

Kindness Rocks Yorkshire first find

The very next day we stumbled across Kindness Rocks while on a walk in Saltire. I have to admit, I might have been even more excited that the kids.

If you’d like to join a Kindness Rocks Yorkshire group, some of them have over 20,000 members! These are the ones I’ve been able to find on Facebook so far:

If you’re a Kindness Rocks enthusiast, please do let us know of any tips you have or groups I may have missed.  Happy painting!

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5 Responses to Kindness Rocks Yorkshire – Find your local group!

  1. Amanda says:

    Horsforth Rocks is another Facebook group!

  2. Lisa says:

    Burley In Wharfedale has just started a group. We are BurleyRocks on Facebook.

  3. What a lovely idea! I think we must have seen some kindness rocks the other day but we didn’t know what they were. Now it makes sense! What a lovely way to share a bit of happiness around. #blogcrush
    Lucy At Home recently posted…Don’t Fall For This Happy Mum ScamMy Profile

  4. Helena says:

    We’ve found a few of these wonderful painted rocks near us and painted our own ladybird stones for our garden. #BlogCrush

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