Flutterbabies Baby/Toddler Swimming, Baby Yoga, Baby/Toddler Signing & Baby Massage – Award winning classes held in the Yorkshire area.


Must mention the code ‘YTots’ when booking – 10% discount doesn’t apply to the Bramley classes and is for new customers only.Flutterbabies Logo New

Ages:   Baby Yoga (8 weeks – crawling), Baby/Toddler Swimming (12 weeks to 3 and a half), Baby Massage (newborn to crawling), Baby/Toddler Signing (6 months to 20 months), Aqua Sensory (8 months to 4 years), Messy/Sensory Play (9 months to 4 years)

To Book a Class: Visit www.bookmyclass.co.uk/Flutterbabies

For more information: samantha@flutterbabies.co.uk or call 07768 538527

Find them: Visit www.flutterbabies.co.uk or Flutterbabies Facebook Page

Flutterbabies Baby/Toddler Swim

All our classes are child led and we never do any forced underwater swims.  Everything is done at a pace that both you and your little one are happy with and sometimes babies will progress differently within each class but our classes are small and allow us to adapt to suit.  We encourage you and your little one to swim and enjoy the water together, but do understand that parents are sometimes nervous so we allow for that too.

We take babies from around 12 weeks old (or 12lbs) up to around 3½ years and each class lasts for 30 minutes.  We recommend that smaller babies wear wetsuits in all pools and you’ll also need a Splash About (Happy Nappy) or Konfidence (Neo Nappy) outer nappy.

We do offer make-up classes although this is subject to there being a space available in a suitable class within the appropriate age group.

Classes at Bramley incorporate Aqua Sensory into the last 5 or 6 minutes of the class creating a truly natural multi-sensory environment.

Flutterbabies Aqua Sensory

Aqua Sensory is unlike any other traditional swimming programme or dry land sensory class.  Our objective during the course will be to not only help your little one enjoy the water but to also unlock your child’s potential development for life.  It combines traditional dry land activities like music, massage, singing, signing, discovery play and movement in the swimming pool, which is in fact a natural multi-sensory environment itself.

Aqua Sensory has been written in conjunction with many experts in their fields from health visitors, occupational therapists, early year practitioners and psychologists.  It is truly a unique programme and a first in the UK.  You will find Aqua Sensory a programme where you can tune in and learn all about your child’s development.

Some weeks we will explore different themes like pirates, bugs, space and jungle and you will be asked to “stand back” and allow your child to explore and take the lead.  This child-led way of learning is crucial for their development.  We will show you how to guide them around the activities, how to talk to them and how to encourage new ways of exploring.  They will be exposed to many sensory activities which will enable you to tap into their enjoyment.  If they respond to one activity over the other, you are free to spend more time and explore this more.  You will find that Aqua Sensory acts as a “sign post” to develop your child’s interests and learning potential.


Flutterbabies Baby Yoga

Flutterbabies Baby Yoga

Baby Yoga compliments Baby Massage beautifully and is a fantastic follow on.

In one short session a baby experiences as much physical activity as they would receive if they were handled and carried all day which should help them sleep for longer. We also include some gentle postnatal exercises for mum. Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before, you won’t be expected to get yourself or your baby into any strange positions!

You’ll follow a series of simple stretches to begin with before giving your baby lots of contact and very gentle muscle stimulation without any force and we always start off with a gentle dry massage for baby to warm their muscles up. Baby Yoga can help with the following common difficulties:

  • Colic and crying
  • Teething
  • Constipation and digestive problems
  • Slow weight gain
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Sleeping patterns

 Not only do we practice yoga moves with baby, but we also do some sensory work with scarves, ribbons and parachutes.  This is all well balanced so that we don’t overstimulate your little one.

Flutterbabies Baby MassageMassage

Learn the beautiful art of infant massage in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Massaging your baby is one of the most bonding, nurturing and beautiful skills you can acquire as a new Mum or Dad. Not only does it help you to achieve a closeness and enhance the bonding process, the simple to use massage techniques you will learn can also help to improve sleep and relieve any digestive discomfort.

Babies who receive regular massage often have improved sleep patterns, cry less and have fewer digestive complaints/colic. Symptoms of postnatal depression are also improved.

Flutterbabies Baby/Toddler Signing

Flutterbabies Baby Signing

Flutterbabies Baby/Toddler Signing class involves singing, signing and lots of sensory play.  Parents who sign with their babies usually want to know what is going on in their baby’s mind.  They want to know what their baby wants, needs, notices, thinks about, remembers, in fact everything!  This is all possible through signing with your baby.

The muscles in an infant’s hands are developed before the ones used for speech.  This means that babies are able to communicate with you before they are able to speak.  Babies, even without learning sign language, seem to develop their own signs.  They will point to something they want and grunt for example.

Developing these signs that your baby creates into actual communication is not as hard as it seems, all you need to know is a few signs and use them regularly.

Flutterbabies Messy/Sensory Play 

Flutterbabies Messy/Sensory Play classes are 5 weeks long, last 45 minutes and cost £27.50 which includes all the materials.  Each week there is a much loved story book with our arts and crafts activity themed around it, which will be anything from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to “Aliens Love Underpants”.  Activities are designed to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and they are encourage to free flow between them, depending on what they want to explore.  You are encouraged to stand back and let them take the lead.  Suitable from children from around 10 months up to 4 years old.

Be prepared to get very messy during this class.

This programme has been carefully written to develop many skills that underpin the Early Years Framework to provide a foundation for school.  BUT, the focus is very much on the child to have fun and play.

Where to find them: 

Baby/Toddler Swimming courses run in Scholes (LS15), Mercure Parkway Hotel Bramhope (LS16), and Swim in Motion, Broad Lane, Bramley (LS13); Baby Yoga courses at Mothercare Crown Point Leeds and Zoe Walton School of Dance in Garforth; Baby massage courses at Mothercare Crown Point, Leeds, and Zoe Walton School of Dance in Garforth; Baby/Toddler Signing at Monkey Maze in Garforth, Mothercare Crown Point in Leeds and Junglecatz in Morley; Arts, Crafts and Storytime (inc messy play) at Mothercare Crown Point Leeds and Kids Clubhouse in Horsforth; Aqua Sensory at Scholes (LS15)

Class Schedule


  • Leeds CentreWednesday 18th April at 10.00 am and 11.15 am at Mothercare Crown Point Leeds – free parking
  • GarforthTuesday 17th April at 1.30 pm at Zoe Walton School of Dance, Off Main Street, Garforth – free parking

BABY AND TODDLER SWIMMING:  The next term starts mid May, please email us to be put on the waiting list.

  • Mercure Parkway Hotel, Bramhope, LS16 8AG 
  • Swim in Motion, Broad Lane, Bramley, Leeds LS13 3HA 
  • Scholes (Elmet) Primary School, Station Road, Scholes, Leeds, LS15 4BJ 


  • Scholes (Elmet) Primary School, Station Road, Scholes, Leeds, LS15 4BJ – Thursday 19th April  at 1000 am.


  • Leeds CentreThursday  26th April at 9.45 am at Mothercare Crown Point, Leeds
  • Garforth: Thursday  26th April at 11.45 am at Zoe Walton School of Dance, Barley Hill Road, off Main Street


  • MorleyTuesday 15th May at 10.30 am at Junglecatz Play Gym in Morley
    Leeds CentreFriday 18th May at 9.45 am at Mumspace in Mothercare Crown Point
    Garforth: Friday 18th May at 11.45 am at Monkey Maze Soft Play, Link House, Ninelands Lane, Garforth, LS25 1NT


  • Leeds Centre: Workshops held each Thursday at Mothercare Crown Point, Leeds at 11.30 am, booking essential

Meet Flutterbabies

Flutterbabies is run by Baby Yoga and Baby Swimming specialist Samantha Dalton. Over the past few years Samantha has taught hundreds of parents and babies to enjoy the incredible bond that yoga and swimming can bring.

Over the years Flutterbabies has won many awards, all of which have been voted for by satisfied customers. The classes are great fun and give you a chance to meet other new mums and you can also bring along your own new mum friends too.

Samantha is a fully trained Baby Yoga and Baby Swimming teacher and did the majority of her training with Birthlight – she is the only fully trained Birthlight teacher in the Leeds area. Samantha’s classes concentrate on the loving bond between carer and baby and also having fun together. Customer satisfaction is her priority.

Private courses can be arranged for small groups – e.g. NCT, please contact us for more details.  We only charge per family in all our land based classes, so no extra charge for twins except in the swimming courses, but we offer a 10% sibling discount.

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