• We had a great stay in Whitby last week at the Corra Lynn B&B. It's run by Michelle and Simon who have kids themselves so we found it to be very family friendly. It was a quick 24 hour trio but we fit in all of our favourite things: seaside, fish & chips, ice cream, arcades & donkey rides! #linkinbio if you want a read! #whitby
    • Is there anything nicer than a new bedtime story?  The kids loved the new Happy Hatchday by Rob Biddulph - it's the first book in his brand new series.  What's not to love about a book that combines fantastic artwork, dinosaurs, bright colours and a fun surprise? The book is available to buy on Amazon here:  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Happy-Hatchday-Dinosaur-Juniors-Book/dp/0008286388 @harpercollinsch @rbiddulph #DinosaurJuniors #ad
    • Into the woods! Honestly there's nothing I like more then a walk outside with these crazy cats.
    • They were handing out mustaches. I never say no to a bit of fancy dress! Lily found me with a 'stash pretty funny! #thisgreenmoon #24carrotadventure
    • Anyone else have a kid who loves museums? @leedscitymuseum is one of Lily's favourite places to go. We took a challenge from @subway_ukireland to have a FREE day out for Lily.  We started at Subway where #KidsEatFree until April 17 with every adult meal deal bought. (GB only) then on to the museum for an animal egg hunt. It was a great day & only cost us the price of my lunch. #ad
    • Lily got to be an investigator at @this_green_moon 24 carrot adventure today at @swillingtonfarm It was so, so nice to get out in some fresh air today & what a great event!
    • We didn't even make it out of the house today! We were waiting for this dude to get back on track. I think we're almost there and have some plans for tomorrow so fingers crossed. I am going just a little bit stir crazy 😉
    • Ahhh..these two 😙 they can fight and fight some more sometimes but they've really got eachother's backs. Leo's missing out on all the fun of half term so far with his tummy bug and Lily is missing him! Really hoping he kicks this bug for good soon - the seaside is calling! #JoulesLetsExplore
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