10 things I didn’t know about McDonald’s

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For my kids there is no bigger going out to eat treat than McDonald’s.  My daughter and I have birthdays one day apart and last year she eagerly suggested that we have our birthday meal together there.  As as kid I loved McDonald’s as well.  We lived on my grandparent’s ranch and it was such a huge treat to ‘go into town’ (about an hour away) and get a Happy Meal.

You would think that with more than 30 years as a McDonald’s customer, I would know pretty much what there is to know about McDonald’s.  However, I was recently invited behind the scenes (I even got to don a hat and make my own Big Mac) and I found out that there was quite a lot I didn’t know about what goes on under the golden arches.

1. The Happy Meal boxes turn into trays

Did you ever notice that little tab on the side of the Happy Meal box?  Nope, me neither.  Give it a tug and the top comes off making a handy little try for the kids.

2. The order kiosks have a wheelchair & child friendly option

Want the kids to be able to order themselves at the kiosk?  Simply press the wheelchair icon on the bottom right of the kiosk and the screen comes down to meet them. (Probably best to still supervise of you might end up with 4 ice creams and a Big Mac for lunch!)

3. Table service

Some McDonald’s have table service.  This means you can place your order, sit down and leave your receipt on the table and wait for the food to come to you.  Less queing  with the kids = win in my book!

4. Mobile ordering

You can in fact, skip the ordering all together with a McDonald’s app.  I didn’t try it but apparently you can download the app, pre pay and simply check in and sit down.  This would be perfect when you’ve got a big group with you

5. Family friendly tablets

The tablets at McDonald’s are on a family friendly setting so they’re set up to be safe for little ones to use.  There is free Wi-Fi too (this one I already knew!).

6. You can charge your phone while you eat

7. McDonald’s supports local football teams

Since 2002 McDonald’s has supported local, grassroots football teams.  They have recently launched our a Better Play programme to help raise standards at grassroots football clubs through better safety, advice, coaching for coaches, kit, support and recognition for volunteers.

8. There are over 500 combinations of things you can order

We always order the same things when we go to McDonald’s so this one really surprised me.  500!?  McDonald’s has really been working on personalising the menu so you can really come up with 500 combinations.

9. Technology everywhere

Ever wondered how they know whose meal belongs to who in those two lane drive-throughs?  Wonder no longer!  A computer uses face recognition when you order which is then matched with your face when you pull up to the window.

In fact, everything is computerised and timed to make service faster and more efficient.

10. Food prep

There were little things that surprised me like the fact that they track their cheese not only by the expiration date (that’s a given) but also by the ‘optimal temperature time’.  You can’t just put a cold slice of cheese on a warm bun so they actually track how long it’s been at room temperature.

McDonald’s now uses a combination of Sunflower and Rapeseed oil for all of their fried products and recycle their waste oil  They’ve also been using free range eggs since 2001 and their burgers are made up of 100% Irish and British beef.

I couldn’t go without a quick go in the play area.  I do wish our local McDonald’s had one!

After the tour I got to treat myself to a McCafe Iced Mocha (a bit too sweet for me to finish) and a Big Mac (excellent if I do say so) made by my own two hands!

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11 Responses to 10 things I didn’t know about McDonald’s

  1. Fatima says:

    My son loves the Happy Meal and of course the toy, so we go there quickly often. I didn’t know about #1 earlier and also about charging stations but I’ve never seen a charging station in my local McDonald’s. I should maybe explore next time

  2. hannah says:

    Interesting post. Did you know if you go on the self service machines and order burgers you can actually just order a bun and nothing else. I went to customize my fillet of fish and there was an option to remove the fish fingers

  3. Colette says:

    My three love a Maccys – they’re all well versed in being able to order their own meals from the screens and it makes life so much easier to have the food brought to us when I’ve got three hungry kids to keep an eye on!
    Colette recently posted…I’m going to be the Farmer’s wifeMy Profile

  4. Sarah says:

    I have to say I am impressed with most of these updates over the past few years! I love the self service options (It feels like you’re at argos! Haha) but in all honesty, I HATE that they have tablets. You see children submerged into playing games, covering the tablets in salt and ketchuppy fingers and their parents are across the room paying them no attention. I don’t like it. Haha

  5. Patrick says:

    Being a long time MacD’s customer….I am more bummed at how high prices have become there. And the portions sizes are shrinking while prices have risen. A Big Mac here can run 5 dollars!!! I very rarely eat there anymore,maybe 2-3 times a year and even then,I eat off the Value Menu.

  6. Woah that is so rad! I had no idea that the Happy Meal boxes turn into trays. Talk about versatility!
    Ana De- Jesus recently posted…5 Reasons Why Being ‘Cruelty Free’ RocksMy Profile

  7. Linsay says:

    Who knew there were so many interesting things about McDonald’s and I love that happy meal box turns into a tray.

  8. Ha after having 6 kids I didn’t know that the boxes did this, honestly made my day lol. My boys love playing on the ipads when we go in the store 🙂 I also love the charity side of McDonalds x

  9. This is really interesting – Mcdonalds get a bad rep sometimes but they honestly are a fab company.

  10. Ooo I do wish our mc Donald’s had a play area too

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